Wholesale gas market

Wholesale gas market

Pursuant to the Gas Market Act, Croatian Energy Regulatory Agency has appointed HRVATSKA ELEKTROPRIVEDA Plc. for the wholesale gas market supplier up to March 31st, 2021.
The wholesale gas supplier is obliged to:

  • To sell gas under regulated conditions to suppliers in the public service obligation (PSO) for the needs of household customers, at a price that is less than or equal to the reference gas price. Gas price includes transmission system cost, cost of exceeding the contracted capacity in accordance with the provisions of the Transmission System Network Code, fees for the use of the Storage which are determined by the Methodology of determining the amount of tariff items for gas storage and in accordance with Storage code, and costs arising from other services in accordance with the provisions of the Rules on the Organization of the Gas Market. The gas price does not include the fee for more and less taken gas quantities or value added tax.
  • Ensure reliable and secure gas supply.


  • Text of the Agreement on the gas sale to supplier in the public service obligation for storage year 2020/2021 (PDF)
  • Agreement conditions for the gas sale to supplier in the public service obligation, edition: February 2020 (PDF)
  • Contracting gas sale to supplier in the public service obligation form for storage year 2020/2021 (xls)
  • Register of Balance group members (PDF)
  • Additional gas quantity request form (xls)
  • ISOP Access Agreement (docx)

Information system for gas supply (ISOP)

As expectations continue to shift, it is important to improve business process and provide better and more quality services to our customers. Therefore, the Gas Supply Information System - ISOP has been developed. The system covers gas portfolio management business processes and provides reliable and high quality support for business activity monitoring, increased efficiency and optimization of management costs, supervision and management of contractual obligations with other gas market participants, gas trading process optimization, gas procurement costs optimization and reduction, improvement of data exchange process and information with market participants.
Suppliers in the public service obligation as external users can access the system via website The external user’s interface enables gas contracting, nomination and renomination submitting, consumption and historical data download.

To access the system, an Access Agreement is required to be submitted via e-mail address User’s manual is available at link User's Manual for the Gas Supply Information System (ISOP) version: February 2018.
For any additional information regarding the wholesale gas market contact us via our web form.