Electricity generation  

The goal of the investments in the existing generation capacities is to increase the value of key strategic generation facilities while the intention of the investments in new generation capacities and technologies through diversification of the fuels is to insure the long-term reliability and availability of the HEP Group's portfolio of generating plants. In both cases the investments must meet the conditions of supply security, competitiveness and sustainability. At the same time the investments in renewable energy sources are in the center of the long-term development goal founded on the sustainability concept and active environmental and climate changes management.

Hereby, we present the following:
  • projects under construction: wood biomass fired plants in Osijek and Sisak
  • development projects: CCGT unit in Zagreb, second phase of the hydropower system Senj and the Program of protection, regulation and use of the river Sava and its hinterland from the border with the Republic of Slovenia to Sisak; and
  • multi-year project under implementation: photovoltaic power plants installed on roofs of HEP-owned buildings.

Electricity distribution

Investments in the distribution network infrastructure are conducted for the purpose of maintaining the long-term property value, fuel supply stability and development of its market for the benefit of all users. HEP ODS upgrades the existing distribution network and builds a new one in order to meet new electricity demand and connect of new clients, especially in large cities, tourist and industrial zones. Recovery of the voltage conditions, introduction of modern meters for consumption recording and harmonization with new standards is continuously conducted through several individual investment programs.

Thermal energy

Apart from the construction of new sections of the hot-water lines and steam lines, HEP-Toplinarstvo conducts multi-year rehabilitation of the main parts of hot-water network in the cities of Zagreb, Osijek and Sisak. Rehabilitation is conducted by use of the technology of pre-insulated pipes, and will result in decreased heat losses, increased reliability supply, decreased consumption and lowers of pollutant emissions into the air.