Basic principles

Basic principles

Basic principles in relations to interest groups

In order to realize our mission and achieve our vision, we adjust our business to the expectations of all interest groups, adhering to the following principles:

To make optimal business effects and an appropriate profit for the owner.

To satisfy the needs and expectations of the customers, providing value for money. To act in a professional and correct manner in accordance with best practices and generally accepted values, building trust in our actions.
To appreciate employees’ interests and competences and to develop a reward and promotion system. To secure and constantly apply modern work safety measures and to encourage life-long learning, cooperative spirit and professionalism.
Business partners
To foster and build relations with business partners, respecting their quality and professionalism. To carry out public procurement processes in a correct manner and to prevent any possible irregularity.
Society, local communities
To respect cultural, religious, traditional and any other material or spiritual characteristics when cooperating with the local communities in which we are active, creating a friendly environment.