Public Procurement

Public Procurement

The key business objective of HEP Group's procurement is the construction of a reliable public procurement system characterized by transparency, bigger competitiveness,  rational and efficient fund management, 'best value for money' procurement principle, and unhindered conduct of any public procurement procedure (timely procurement).
Information regarding public procurement procedures are announced on HEP's official web pages. Apart from basic information, tender documentation is also published as well as selection and annulment decisions. These are published in the Electronic  Public Procurement Classifieds of the Republic of Croatia.
Pursuant to the provisions of the Public Procurement Act, HEP Group members, procurement entities obliged to adhere to the Public Procurement Act, publish information regarding the conclusion and execution of framework agreements and public procurement contracts entered under the appropriate public procurement procedure i.e. the Registry of Public Procurement Contracts and Framework Agreements, on the HEP web site.
Here you can find:
- the legislative public procurement framework and important accompanying documents;
- conflict of interest prevention measures;
- overview of ongoing public procurement procedures and the overview of concluded contracts.