About HEP Group

About HEP Group

Hrvatska elektroprivreda (HEP Group) is the national energy company, which has been dealing with generation, distribution and supply of electricity for more than a century. And in the last few decades it has been dealing with distribution and supply of heat energy and natural gas to customers.
Hrvatska elektroprivreda is organized as a concern, a group of connected companies (daughter companies).
The parent company (parent body) of HEP Group is HEP d.d., which carries out the function of corporate governance of HEP Group and guarantees conditions for safe and reliable electricity supply to customers.
Within HEP Group subsidiary companies (managing, accounting, legal), which conduct regulated activities (transmission and distribution) are clearly separated from companies which conduct non-regulated activities (generation and supply).
Croatian transmission system operator (HOPS) has been unbundled from HEP Group, according to ITO model (Independent Transmission Operator).
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