Mission, vision and basic values

Mission, vision and basic values


To provide secure and quality energy supply to customers, with a high degree of social responsibility.



HEP Group as a strong regional, modern and socially responsible company, recognized as an example of efficient energy generation and supply to customers.



Basic values


Competence and innovation

Our employees are the most valuable resource and support in achieving the company’s mission and vision and in creating values. With openness to new ideas and creativity, we develop skills and competences.

Quality and business excellence

Following requirements and expectations of all stakeholders, we improve the quality of our products and services. Our goal is the company’s business excellence.



We act professionally and conscientiously in our relations towards customers, business partners, employees and assets. We affirm zero-tolerance for corruption. Our Code of Ethics defines the principles of business behavior.


Environmental responsibility

We produce, transmit and distribute energy in an environmentally-friendly manner. We promote efficient use of energy among our customers as well as the development and use of renewable energy sources.