Korlat Wind Farm

Korlat Wind Farm is the first wind farm in HEP's portfolio, built at the location of the same name, eight kilometers north-west of the town of Benkovac. It has been in regular operation since 2021.

The average annual output of this 58 MW wind farm is around 161 GWh, which is slightly less than 1 percent of the annual electricity demand in Croatia. Generated electricity is sufficient for the supply of about 50,000 households. The total value of the investment was EUR 67 million.

The wind farm has 18 wind turbines, each with installed capacity of 3.6 MW. Wind turbine pillars are 114 meters high with the rotor diameter of 131 meters. Wind turbines were delivered, constructed and put into operation by the German company Nordex. Croatian companies, Ing-Grad and Fractal, constructed the infrastructure and grid connection of Korlat Wind Farm as well as monitored and supervised the construction.
Korlat Wind Farm does not have the status of an eligible producer, i.e. it does not have the contract with the Croatian Energy Market Operator (HROTE). That was the first new wind power plant in Croatia without a guaranteed offtake of generated electricity. Market prices of electricity were used to determine the cost-effectiveness of the investment.


Investor: Energetski park Korlat d.o.o.
Location: The town of Benkovac; around 8 km NW of Benkovac
Name: Wind Farm Korlat
Connection capacity:    58 MW
Number of wind turbines: 18
Capacity of wind turbines: 3.6 MW
Average annual generation: 161 GWh
Value of investment: EUR 67 mil
Wind turbine supplier: NORDEX
Infrastructure and grid connection contractor: Ing-grad
Construction and supervision: Fractal
Operational since: 2021