Electronic invoice

Electronic invoice

Since Electronic Invoicing in Public Procurement Act (Official Gazette 94/18) entered into force, all HEP Group members receive e-invoices as of 1 December 2018 in line with the EU Directive (2014/55/EU).  Information on HEP Group members is published in the Register of e-invoice users on the websites of the Financial Agency (FINA).

As of 1 July 2019 HEP Group’s members will be able to send e-invoices.

In order to enable our suppliers to supervise e-invoices, HEP Group developed a Web portal for suppliers intended to inform suppliers of HEP Group companies on the status of their sent e-invoice. By means of the Web portal for suppliers, suppliers of HEP Group companies can now find information on the status of individual e-invoices, and they can also research e-invoices and/or certain defined groups of e-invoices.
Since the Act stipulates the obligation of public and sectorial customers exclusively receiving e-invoices in line with the EU directive as at 1 July 2019, HEP Group members are going to return all invoices received in paper form, which are subject to the above stated rules.

The Act applies equally on agreements on simple procurement, that is agreements on the supply of goods and services worth up to HRK 200,000.00, that is works worth up to HRK 500,000.00.