In accordance with the HEP Group corporate governance model, HEP d.d. manages and partly performs tasks within corporate functions, as well as directs, coordinates and monitors activities in dependent companies. Every member of the Management Board is an executive in charge of a corporate function.

The basic internal organization of HEP d.d. consists of:
Management Board Office
Milan Opačak, Head of the Office

Corporate Security Department
Miljenko Filipović, Head of Department

Controlling Department
Lidija Lovrić Andrijašević, Director

Department of Finance and Treasury
Ana Celjak, Director

Department of Corporate Communications
Ivica Žigić, Director

EU and Regulatory Affairs Department

Department of Information and Communication Technologies

Jozo Berečić, Director

Internal Audit Department
Višnja Komnenić, Director

Capital Investments Department
Vedran Jurić, Director

Procurement Department
Krunoslav Ilić, Director

Department of Strategy and Development
Dražen Lovrić, Director

Legal Affairs Department
Damir Lončarević, Director

Accounting Department
Renato Jurina, Director

Marketing and Business Strategy Department
Vanja Varda, Director

Human Resources Department
Marin Leko, Director

Contact telephone:

tel.: +385 1 63 22 111, fax: +385 1 61 70 430

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