Management of chemicals and soil protection

Management of chemicals and soil protection

All HEP's thermal power plants and combined heat and power plants have obtained  Decisions on the Use of Hazardous Chemicals, issued in accordance with the Chemicals Act, and relating to the chemicals used in water treatment for the purpose of power and heat generation and for regeneration of ion exchangers in chemical water treatment plants.
Oil pits and pipelines in HEP’s switchgears and substations are regularly tested for watertightness and rehabilitation is planned and carried out in accordance with test results. All wastewater drainage structures and temporary waste storage facilities in HEP's hydro power plants, thermal power plants and combined heat and power plants are tested for watertightness.

Recording and reporting

In the internal environmental database INFOZOK, HEP keeps a register of chemicals that it imports for the needs of business processes or uses during production processes.

Until the legal changes were made, HEP used to submit data on the quantities and types of chemicals used to the Croatian Institute for Toxicology and Antidoping once a year (it ceased operations on December 31, 2018, and resumed its work  on January 1, 2019 within the Croatian Institute of Public Health).

Employee Training

In accordance with regulations, HEP’s employees working with chemicals and persons in charge are regularly trained for work with chemicals, based on the program of the Croatian Institute of Toxicology and Atidoping.