Hydropower System Senj 2

Hydropower System Senj 2 (HPS Kosinj / HPP Senj 2)

HEP's intention is to implement this project in order to utilize the remaining hydropower potential of the Lika and Gacka watershed by upgrading the existing Senj hydropower system (HPS), which currently transforms water as an energy source, operating  mainly as a base load power plant. Construction of a large reservoir and additional capacities is planned to shift generation to peak hours of the daily diagram. This will enable the injection of a large amount of control capacity into the power system by means of flexible hydro generator sets enabling fast capacity change.

Senj HPS Today

The Senj HPS, constructed in the 60ies of the previous century, utilizes hydropower potential of the Lika and Gacka rivers in two hydro power plants, the Sklope HPP (22.5 MW) and the Senj HPP (216 MW). Energy generated in the Senj HPS throughout an average hydrological year accounts for about 20 percent of electricity generation from HEP's hydro power plants and about 10 percent of generation from the total generation portfolio of HEP and covers about 5 percent of total electricity demand in Croatia. 

CO2 emission avoided thanks to the quantity of hydropower is around 900.000 tons per year.

Expected Benefits

The second phase will increase electricity generation, improve flood control in the Kosinj Field, improve the reliability of water supply of the southern branch of the Croatian coastal water supply system and improve road and other communal infrastructure. It will also improve the quality of water resources utilization in terms of support to the stability of the power system, by increasing the share of energy from renewable sources in final consumption. The existing Senj HPP is currently providing secondary power/frequency control services to the power system. Additional capacities would increase the reliability of such services and allow higher takeover of energy from renewable sources by providing balancing energy
Today, the Lika-Gacka hydropower system has a capacity of 238.5 MW and an average annual generation of 1.15 TWh. The construction of Phase 2 facilities will provide for additional capacity of 412 MW and additional generation of 320 GWh per year, whereby most of the energy will be peak energy. The implementation of Phase 2 of the Senj HPS construction project will result in the total installed capacity in the watershed of 656 MW and average annual generation of 1.5 TWh.

General information:

Investor: HEP
Location: Kosinj, Gusić polje, Grabova
Name: Hydropower System Senj 2  (HPS Kosinj/ HPP Senj 2)
Type of product: Electricity
Type of power plant:    Hydro power plant, high-pressure reservoir plant
Type of fuel: Hydro power – renewable source of energy
Capacity/efficiency: 412 MW / >90%
Annual generation/regime: An increase of 320 GWh (the system total: 1,5TWh) / peak load plant
Value of investment: EUR 450 million
Funding: Own funds / loan 
Project status: Construction of the Studenci-Sklope road  is underway. It is the first facility within the Kosinj HPS project. Obtaining of all remaining construction permits and resolving proprietary and legal relations is currently in progress. In July 2021, the Croatian Government declared Kosinj Hydropower System a strategic investment project.
Construction deadline: 2028 (Kosinj HPS)