From here you can access websites with information for current and future customers, i.e. potential customers of products and services offered by companies of HEP Group:
  • HEP Operator distribucijskog sustava  (HEP DSO) – for all the users of distribution network (payers of network fee)
  • HEP Elektra - buyers of electricity as part of public service (in the whole Croatia) 
  • HEP Opskrba  (HEP Supply) – for electricity customers according to market conditions (in the whole Croatia) 
  • HEP Toplinarstvo (HEP District  Heating) – for end customers of heat energy in Zagreb, Zaprešić, Samobor, Velika Gorica, Osijek and Sisak
  • HEP Plin  (HEP Gas) – for the users of gas distribution network and natural gas customers in the whole Croatia
  • HEP ESCO  – for the companies interested in conducting energy efficiency projects and for various energy consulting services
You can find additional information about the difference between public and market service for different products and customer categories on the websites for customer categories: