Strategic Goals

Strategic Goals

Sustainable and flexible energy portfolio  

  • ownership of diverse electricity sources which can become operational depending on market availability and the prices of energy fuels thus providing sustainability and flexibility
  • increasing the RES share in HEP Group portfolio by 50 percent, by modernizing and improving the existing portfolio (HPP revitalization), investing in HPP construction and in the construction and acquisition of power plants fired by other renewable energy sources with a special emphasis on wind and solar farms
  • construction of high efficiency cogeneration power plants fired by biomass and natural gas

Optimization and improvement of business processes

  • reaching performance efficiency of EU energy companies by upgrading and optimizing business processes incuding, among others, corporate and business development, IT development and integration, HR management, asset management and the upgrade of customer service quality
  • encouraging a continuous improvement of employee competencies and innovativeness, as well as efficient management of knowledge at the corporate level
  • building (setting up, strengthening) of efficient and user-focused business operations

 Market flexibility

  • definition and creation of new products and services across wholesale and retail market segments focusing on the retention of the current share of the Croatian market and the increase of the regional market share
  • implementation of smart networks focusing on the conventional network development, automation, smart network control and operation
  • examining the possibilities of other business expansion models by means of customer and/or generation capacity acquisition or a partnership in delivery of energy projects

Cooperation with stakeholders

  • timely and active participation in various development and adoption phases of EU and national legal instruments and in the process of creating the new energy market
  • well designed and continuous use of all available communication channels with stakeholders for achieving Group's business objectives and an active search for investment and/or operating support in the form of premiums, subsidies, tax reliefs and other