Environmental permits

Environmental permits

An environmental permit is issued for facilities carrying out the activities that may cause pollutant emissions into the soil, air, water and sea and the facilities that will carry out such activities after construction, or reconstruction and commissioning.

The procedure related to the environmental permit for new plants and reconstruction of the existing ones should be completed before the start of operation of the new plant or the commissioing of plant's reconstruction, at the latest, i.e. before obtaining the operating permit.   

HEP's entities having the obligation to obtain environmental permits

Pursuant to the Regulation on Environmental Permit, HEP's existing thermal power plants for fuel combustion with a rated thermal input of ≥50 MW, have to obtain environmental permits. These are operated by:
  • HEP-Proizvodnja d.o.o. - TPP Plomin 1, TPP Plomin 2, TPP Rijeka, TE-TO Sisak CHP, KTE Jertovec CCGT, TE-TO Zagreb CHP, EL-TO Zagreb CHP and TE-TO Osijek CHP
  • HEP-Toplinarstvo d.o.o. – Plant Osijek
All existing  thermal power plants with a rated thermal output exceeding 50 MWt have obtained environmental permits, which is a pre-requisite for plant’s operation, i.e. electricity and heat generation, pursuant to the provisions of the Environmental Protection Act. During 2018, a series of activities related to environmental permits were carried out, and all requests for modifications were published on the website of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development.