Unintegrated solar power plants

Solar power plant Kaštelir with connection capacity of 1 MW and expected annual generation of approximately 1.5 million kWh meets the consumption of ca. 500 households. Installed panels are made by the local producer of solar power plant equipment Solvis from Varaždin. The power plant has been in operation since December 2018. It is an eligible producer within „feed-in tariff“ system (incentive price) in accordance with a contract concluded with the Croatian Energy Market Operator.  Please find aerial shots of the power plant here

Solar power plant Cres with connection capacity of 7.3 MW is the first project taken over by HEP as a part of the cycle of construction and acquisition of solar power plants. Primorsko-Goranska County developed the project until obtaining of the Location Permit in June 2018. The Cres SPP construction site is ca. 2 kilometers north of Orlec settlement on the island of Cres. Expected generation of the power plant is 8.5 million kWh annually that corresponds to the power consumption of approximately 2,500 households. The Construction Contract for the power plant is worth HRK 34.7 million. The construction works should start in autumn of 2019 with the expected completion deadline in April 2020. Please find the power plant's simulation here.  

Solar power plant Vis will be located on Griževa glavica hill near the settlement Žena Glava, ca. 3.6 kilometers southwest from the town of Vis and ca. 4.8 kilometers east from the town of Komiža. The company Končar - Obnovljivi izvori developed the project and it was purchased by HEP in December 2018 at the approximate price of HRK 20 million. The installed capacity of the power plant will be 2.2 MW and connection capacity will be 2 MW. The expected annual generation is 3.1 million kWh that meets the needs of ca. 1,000 households. The construction works will last from April to December 2019. 

Solar power plant Vrlika Jug represents the implementation of the first phase of planned construction on the southern part of the Operating zone Kosora in the town of Vrlika. The town of Vrlika developed the project, which was purchased by HEP Proizvodnja in December 2018. The value of the investment totals HRK 14.7 million. Connection capacity of the power plant will be 2.1 MW and the expected annual generation will be ca. 2.9 million kWh. The construction should be completed during the second half of 2019.