HEP continues with HRK 3.9 bn worth of revitalization of hydropower plants

HEP continues with HRK 3.9 bn worth of revitalization of hydropower plants

HEP-Proizvodnja (generation division) and Končar Group companies entered into an agreement on the replacement of primary equipment at the Senj Main Hydro Power Plant (GHE Senj), worth HRK 330 million.

The contracts were signed by Robert Krklec, Director of HEP Proizvodnja, and on behalf of joint bidders Željko Tukša, President of the Management Board of Končar-Power Plant and Electric Traction Engineering and Ante Elez, President of the Management Board of Končar-Generators and Motors.

"On the one hand, this Agreement shows the strength of the Croatian electrical industry, which is competitive and valued, not only in the domestic but also in the world markets, while on the other hand it proves that HEP continues with the energy transition by investing significant funds in modernizing its facilities. These are sophisticated project activities in the construction and operation of power systems that require special knowledge acquired for decades by Končar and HEP, "said Tomislav Ćorić, Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development.

The contract on replacement of primary equipment in HPP Senj covers all three units (A, B and C) and includes replacement of generators, excitation and voltage regulation, replacement of turbines, turbine regulation and pre-turbine shutters, replacement of generator voltage equipment and connection of units, newly installed systems and equipment into a functional whole. Works will begin in 2022 and end in 2026.

"It is important to emphasize, as evidenced by today's event, that in all maintenance activities and investments in existing hydropower plants, Croatian companies participate to the greatest extent possible. Of the 3.9 billion kuna we invest in the reconstruction and revitalization of our hydropower plants, most of the funds remain in Croatia, which confirms the driving role of HEP in the Croatian economy, "said HEP’s President Frane Barbarić.

HPP Senj is located seven kilometers south of the town of Senj, not far from Sveti Juraj, and was put into operation in 1965. The total available capacity of the power plant is 216 MW, and the average annual production is 970 GWh, which accounts for about 20 percent of hydro production in Croatia, or 10 percent of the total HEP production. In addition to electricity production, HPP Senj as part of the Senj Hydropower System provides a secure water supply to part of the northern Adriatic coast  and islands, including the islands of Rab and Pag.

The total value of the HPP Senj reconstruction and revitalization project is HRK 557 million. To date, the equipment has been installed and works worth HRK 83 million have been performed. With the reconstruction of HPP Senj, the installed capacity of the power plant will increase by 20 MW, which will enable an increase in annual production of at least 50 million kilowatt hours. With the increase in the reliability and availability of the plant, the life of the power plant will be extended for the next 50 years and the costs of maintenance and operation of the plant will be reduced.

The reconstruction and revitalization of HPP Senj is part of the cycle of reconstruction, extension and revitalization of HEP's hydropower plants, with a total value of HRK 3.9 billion. This investment cycle, which began in 2012, covers 12 of HEP's 26 hydropower plants. To date, HRK 1.6 billion has been invested and the revitalization of three hydropower plants has been completed, among which HPP Zakučac stands out with investments of HRK 932 million. The revitalization of five hydroelectric power plants is in progress, among which, in addition to HPP Senj, the revitalization of HPP Varaždin stands out, worth 634 million kuna. The revitalization of four more hydroelectric power plants is being prepared, and the largest investment, in the amount of HRK 510 million, is planned in HPP Orlovac. In addition to modernizing 12 hydropower plants in accordance with the latest technological solutions and environmental requirements, and extending their life, an important result of this investment cycle will be an increase in total hydropower capacity by 170 megawatts and an increase in annual electricity production by 330 million kWh.

In addition to the existing HPP Senj, HEP intends to build the hydroelectric power plant Senj 2. This, along with HES Kosinj, is the second part of the project to upgrade the Hydropower System Senj, which with a total 3.4 billion investment and 412 megawatts of new capacity is HEP's largest project since Croatian independence.

Photos by: Luka Stanzl / Pixsell