HEP sixth most desirable employer

The internet portal MojPosao conducted for the fifth consecutive year a research on employers of first choice. Encompassing more than 2,300 respondents, it was based solely on respondents’ perception of companies and their free choice (no company names were offered).

The most desirable employer as in the previous four years is T-HT/T-Mobile. HEP is on the sixth place, two places up since last year. The ranking of the most desirable employers is as follows: T-HT/T-Mobile, Agrokor (all companies together), Vipnet, INA, DM – Drogerie Markt, HEP, ZABA, Privredna banka Zagreb, Pliva and Ericsson Nikola Tesla.

The purpose of the research was to find out which employers in the Croatian labor market are the most attractive and why, and to compare them with last year’s. Among the companies that have climbed the most, HEP is on the high third place, while DM Drogerie Markt is on the first and Erste Bank on the second place. According to the research HEP is one of the most attractive employers because it provides job security. The decisive reasons for attractiveness of employers of first choice are career development opportunity and sector leadership. Other reasons stated by respondents include employer’s investment in additional education, flexible working hours and job dynamics and diversity. As many as one fifth (21 percent) of respondents work for their employer of first choice.