Students receive HEP Prize

For the 13th consecutive year, HEP Prize was awarded at HEP headquarters today to the winners of national mathematics and physics contests (with experimental physics works) and electrical installers.

- Knowledge makes a big entrance into our Homeland. We have developed our own knowledge brand for which Croatia is becoming recognizable, said Minister of Science, Education and Sports, Dragan Primorac, adding that success is not a matter of chance but of choice. Thanking everybody deserving credit for the young winners, he said that the country’s best set high standards for those who come after them. With this Prize HEP has shown that it is a socially responsible company, thanks to the wisdom of its management, and this should stimulate other companies to realize what government and corporate responsibility means, stressed Minister Primorac, assessing that much worthier than the monetary prize is the challenge and motivation for further learning - Our Homeland rose from the ashes, the State was created on a great sacrifice, and your responsibility is to further build your Homeland on knowledge, since you are the force of the Croatian society, concluded the Minister.
President of HEP Management Board, Ivan Mravak, expressed his satisfaction with this opportunity for promotion of Croatia’s young intellectual elite, in the year of marking A Century of Light in Zagreb, a century of operation of the first Munjara – now EL-TO Zagreb cogeneration plant – and electricity distribution in Zagreb – now Elektra Zagreb. He took the occasion to reveal that these days HEP had signed scholarship contracts with 110 university students from all four electrical engineering faculties in Croatia. Attending the ceremony among others were Academician Vladimir Paar, Assistant Minister of Science, Education and Sports, Vera Šutalo, Adviser to the Minister, Josip Ujević, Assistant Director of the Agency for Vocational Education, Ivan Šutalo. A pleasant surprise for the students was the presence of our golden handball player Igor Vori, who said to the young people that the Prize was a motivation for them to come to the top and that it was hard to stay on top.