New web pages presented to consumer associations

On the eve of World Consumer Rights Day, on March 14, a public presentation of HEP’s redesigned web pages was held at HEP’ headquarters in Zagreb. The event was preceded by a meeting of HEP’s and CERA’s most senior officers with representatives of consumer protection associations.

In his address at the presentation, President of HEP Management Board, Ivan Mravak, said that consumer protection belongs to the fundamental civilizational achievements and that the degree of this protection is an indication of the maturity of a society. The newly opened web pages are the first step in building new standards in the relations with consumers and an expression of readiness for doing business in an open electricity market. This year, 2007, is the Year of Consumer Education in Croatia; therefore, President Mravak pointed out that the time is right for numerous educational activities, and one of the more significant ones is HEP’s new web pages containing information intended for consumers. Ilija Rkman, President of Federation of Consumer Associations, Zagreb, and Nenad Kurtović, President of Federation of Consumer Associations, Split, speaking on behalf of consumers, expressed their satisfaction with the opening of the new web pages, emphasizing the fundamental consumer right to full and timely information. This is particularly important for the coming period as the electricity market is planned to open for the commercial category on July 1, 2007, and for the residential category on July 1, 2008.
President of Steering Committee of the Croatian Energy Regulatory Agency (CERA), Tomo Galić, congratulated HEP on the new web pages expressing his hope for achieving in this way the timeliness and transparency of information. Also addressing the guests and journalists were Head of Energy Systems Section of the Ministry of Economy, Labor and Entrepreneurship, Boris Makšijan, and Nada Podnar, head of Customer Relations of HEP ODS, who outlined consumer-oriented projects undertaken or planned. The new web pages of HEP Group were presented by Đurđa Sušec, web team leader and head of Internal Information Section. The pages of HEP ODS (Distribution System Operator), the most interesting for consumers, were presented by Robert Baričević, head