Market opens for commercial customers

As of July 1, 2007, all electricity customers of the commercial category will be granted the status of eligible customer.

This means that all commercial customers are free to choose their electricity supplier. The time-limit to make this choice is six months of the date of being granted the status of eligible customer. In the transitional period, these customers will continue to be supplied from HEP Operator distribucijskog sustava (HEP ODS) which has public service obligation. In this period they have to choose their supplier and conclude a supply contract with the supplier and a use of network contract with the network operator, which may be the transmission system operator or the distribution system operator, depending on the voltage level of connection.

To customers who want to exercise their right, we recommend HEP Opskrba d.o.o., a HEP Group company licensed to supply electricity to eligible customers. Legal persons that purchase electricity for their own needs and have up to 50 employees and a total income of up to 70 million kuna are “small customers” under the Electricity Market Act. A “small customer” who does not want to exercise the right of eligible customer can use the public supply service. In that case, the customer contracts for electricity supply with HEP-ODS at prices which can be found here. Before concluding the contract, “small customers” must prove their status. Customers who do not have the status of “small customer” and fail to choose their supplier and conclude the supply contract have the right to conclude the supply contract with HEP-ODS, subject to energy balancing price (General Conditions of Electricity Supply NN 14/06) which is tied to the prices on European Energy Exchange. More about balancing prices can be found on HEP OPS d.o.o. website, a HEP Group company which provides system balancing services.