HEP received the Green Frog Award for sustainability reporting

HEP received the Green Frog Award for sustainability reporting

According to the evaluation of the Green Frog Award professional jury, Hrvatska elektroprivreda (HEP) made the greatest progress among Croatian companies in non-financial reporting in 2018.

The award for progress presented in HEP Group's Sustainability report for 2017 was given to HEP at the conference Investment into sustainability, which was held in Zagreb today in the organization of Deloitte Croatia and in cooperation with the Croatian Employers' Association and the Global Compact Network Croatia. The Green Frog Award ceremony was held as part of the conference for the best non-financial report in Central Europe.

"Our first Sustainability report for 2013 and 2014 was published several years after the introduction of the legal obligation. The size and importance of HEP Group, as well as the wide scope of economic, environmental and social effects have increased our determination to approach sustainability reporting in a responsible and committed manner, trying to follow the best existing practices. The Green Frog Award is the confirmation that we are on the right track, when it comes to high-quality, comprehensive and transparent communication with our stakeholders“, said Marko Ćosić, a member of HEP's Management Board upon taking the award.

HEP Group's Sustainability report for 2017 was drawn up in line with the core option guidelines of the globally prevailing GRI Standard, towards high transparency thus including information according to the indicators of the Electric Utilities Sector Disclosures. The report was prepared by a working group consisting of more than 30 members from all HEP Group's parts, and HEP Group's stakeholders were included through an on-line survey, 71 of them with different profiles. Like the members of HEP's working group, they expressed their opinion on the choice of material issues and the evaluation of the potential of HEP Group's contribution to the achievement of individual global objectives of sustainable development, which have become the focus of politics and business sector in recent years.