HEP Group's Sustainability Report for 2018 published

HEP Group's Sustainability Report for 2018 published

HEP published its non-financial report on its website – HEP Group's Sustainability Report for 2018.

Sustainability Report for 2018 is the fifth HEP Group's Sustainability Report in a row. The Report was drawn up in line with the core option of GRI Standards Guidelines and it includes information according to the indicators of the Energy Sector Supplement. 

In this Report special attention was devoted to the description of strategic approach. Material topics, HEP's potential for contributing to the realization of global objectives as well as its success in managing material issues and influences were checked with key stakeholders (from public administration or organization, buyers and clients, scientific and educational institutions, suppliers, media, local and regional government and self-government, non-governmental organizations, professional associations and authorized people regarding environment protection), for the first time this year in form of individual conversations.

You can download the Report here.