HEP Group's Sustainability Report for 2017 published

HEP Group's Sustainability Report for 2017 published

HEP published its non-financial report on its website – HEP Group's Sustainability Report for 2017.

Sustainability Report for 2017 is the fourth HEP Group's Sustainability Report in a row (the first was published for 2013 – 2014). The Report was drawn up in line with the core option of GRI Standards Guidelines, with an aim of providing the maximum transparency, so it includes information according to the indicators of the Energy Sector Supplement. 

Prior to publishing separate Sustainability Reports, HEP Group has included information on its non-financial effect into its regular annual reports for more than a decade.  In each new report we are trying to describe in more detail our effect on the environment, society and the way we manage that effect.

Every year we are putting a lot of effort into improving the quality of material descriptions and including our stakeholders. Therefore, every feedback is important, so we would like to invite the readers, our stakeholders to read this report and share their impressions about its content with us.