HEP and Consumers Association about the application of new regulations

In HEP Training Center in Velika, on November 17, an educational consultation was held entitled Electricity Sales to Residential Customers in connection with new regulations which govern the area of public service of electricity sales to customers, especially Price List of Non-Standard Services and General Conditions of Electricity Supply.

The consultation, organized by the Croatian Federation of Consumer Associations, Potrošač, was attended by the representatives of the Croatian Energy Regulatory Agency (CERA), Ministry of Economy, Labor and Entrepreneurship and the host - Hrvatska Elektroprivreda.
CERA was represented by Tomo Galić, President of the Steering Council, Loridana Smiljanić, Head of Legal Affairs and Licenses, and Lahorko Wagmann, Head of Quality Control of Services and Consumer Protection, Ministry of Economy, Labor and Entreprenurship, Boris Makšijan, Head of Energy Systems, Consumer Federation Ilija Rkman, President of the Federation and representatives of regional members of Consumer Federation from Zagreb, Osijek, Vukovar, Vinkovci, Garešnica, Čakovec, Zagreb and Šibenik.
The president of Potrošač, Ilija Rkman, gave an opening address entitled "Dialogue between consumer associations and business sector - condition for creating an economic balance in the goods and services market". Ante Pavić, Assistant Director of HEP Operator distribucijskog sustava, Ivan Mrljak, Director of HEP Opskrba povlaštenih kupaca d.o.o. and Damir Karavidović, Coordinator in the Office of Director of HEP ODS d.o.o. spoke about the application of regulations which govern the public service of electricity sales to residential customers. The cons