Green Mark for HEP

HEP Supply d.o.o. and HEP Development of Multi-purpose Real Estate Projects d.o.o., daughter companies within HEP Group, have been awarded with the Green Mark designation for the period 2013-2018

On 28th January, the Association for Energetics for Zagreb and Energo Media Servis completed the certification procedure and awarded the Green Mark designation to 15 legal entities with the right of its five-year use and placings. The Green Mark designation is awarded to legal entities for services, products or technologies in all types of economic activities in Croatia according to designation award criteria. Apart from services, products and technologies, the Green Mark designation is also awarded to legal entities for sustainable generation, storage, distribution and consumption of electricity and heat energy. For the period 2012-2017 the Green Mark designation has been awarded to a total of 14 legal entities, whereas the latest certification completion included the new 15 entities. There is a total of 29 Green Mark designated entities in Croatia today.