Environmental permit

Environmental permit

Environmental permit is issued for plants that conduct activities which may cause pollutant emissions into the soil, air, water and sea. It is also issued for plants where those activities will be conducted after construction, reconstruction or commissioning.

The procedure of determining the environmental permit for new plants and the reconstruction of existing ones is conducted before the beginning of work of the new plant or before commissioning the reconstructed plant, i.e. before obtaining an operational licence.

Tributaries of obtaining environmental permits

Based on Attachment I of the Regulation about Environmental Permit (The Official Gazette 8/14), the tributaries of obtaining environmental permits are HEP’s existing thermal power plants for fuel combustion of nominal input thermal power ≥50 MW of the following operators:
  • HEP Proizvodnja – TPP Plomin 1, TPP Plomin 2, TPP Rijeka, TPP Sisak, KTE Jertovec, TE-TO Zagreb, EL-TO Zagreb and TE-TO Osijek
  • HEP Toplinarstvo – Plant Osijek

Best Available Techniques

Limit values for certain pollutants prescribed by environmental permit should be achieved in the period defined by the permit itself and by using the best available techniques (BAT). BAT mean all techniques, including technology, planning, construction, maintenance, work and closing of plants, which are applicable in praxis under acceptable technical and economic conditions and are the most effective when it comes to achieving the highest level of environment protection as a whole. Best available techniques are described in the so-called Best Available Techniques Reference Documents (BREFs). Working groups, consisting of experts from the sector of industry, non-governmental organizations, conducting and regulatory bodies of EU members, participate in the generation of each BREF.

The most important BREF for HEP is the so-called LCP BREF with limit values that large combustion plants must achieve by choosing BAT.

Adjusting to EU directives

The deadlines for adjusting the existing plants with limit values of emissions for separate pollutants are prescribed by the Directive on industrial emissions – IED (2010/75EU), which was preceded by the Directive concerning integrated pollution prevention and control – IPPC (2008/1/EU). According to the directives of the Treaty Concerning the Accession of the Republic of Croatia to the European Union, HEP’s existing plants should achieve limit values of emissions for SO2, NOx and solid particles by 1 January 2018.

Transfer period

The Directive on industrial emissions – IED also specifies transfer periods for achieving limit values of emissions for particular pollutants for existing plants.

HEP Proizvodnja submitted a request to the Ministry for the exemption of heating plants and for milder limit values of emissions of NOx for gas blocks in EL-TO Zagreb and for gas blocks PT1, PT2 and 45 MW in TE-TO Osijek, in order to ensure further supply of heat energy to cities. In 2015 the Ministry made a positive decision for the request of EL-TO Zagreb and TE-TO Osijek and it enabled further work of gas blocks after 1 January 2018 as well as the supply of the cities of Zagreb and Osijek with energy.

During 2015 HEP Proizvodnja submitted a demand to the Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection for the exemption for a limited working life for the period between 1 January 2016 and 21 December 2023 regarding the gas turbines in KTE Jertovec, A and B blocks in TE-TO Sisak and 320 MWe block in TPP Rijeka. The Ministry issued a positive opinion about the exemption of KTE Jertovec, TPP Rijeka and B block in TE-TO Sisak, and based on this, it issued a decision on the change of environmental permit published on the Ministry's websites. The Ministry did not approve the demand for the exemption for a limited working life regarding block A in TE-TO Sisak.

The procedure of obtaining environmental permit

The Ministry of Environment Protection and Nature makes a decision about obtaining environmental permit for the plants which submitted the Request for obtaining environment permit (Request) and Technical-technological Solution (TTS), which describes the way and the deadline of adjusting limit value of emissions. Request and TTS are made by authorized persons of the Ministry.

Obtained permits for HEP’s plants

All existing HEP’s thermal power plants with nominal heat power ≥50 MW submitted to the Ministry the requests and technical-technological solutions for obtaining environmental permits (incorporated conditions of environment protection). The decisions about environmental permit were issued to the following plants:
  • Existing plants of HEP Proizvodnja: TPP Sisak, TE-TO Osijek,TPP Rijeka, TPP Plomin 1, TPP Plomin 2, KTE Jertovec, and Plant Osijek of HEP District Heating
  • New plants: Block C in TPP Sisak and Plomin C-500
Requests for issuing incorporated conditions of environment protection, technical-technological solutions and decisions on issued incorporated conditions of environment protection (environment permits) can be found on websites of the Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection.