Costs, investment and fees

Costs, investment and fees

Hrvatska elektroprivreda has been regularly recording, monitoring and reporting on environmnetal investments and costs connected with regular business operations since 2004, within the framework of the Internal Environmental Cost Accounting System (RETZOK).

Every year, HEP submits a report on investments and regular operating costs to the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) as part of the Annual Report on Environmental Investments. HEP has been reporting on environmental investments and costs connected with regular operations in its Annual Reports, and since 2015, in the Sustainability Report.

Environmental areas Regular operating costs/ million HRK Investments/ million HRK
Air and climate 1.73 0.00
Wastewater 1.87 0.00
Waste 8.13 6.32
Soil and groundwater protection 0.44 0.01
Nature and landscape protection 9.90 2.14
Other - fees and implementation of energy efficiency measures in final consumption 67.95 10.91
TOTAL 2019 90.02 19.38
TOTAL 2018 146.08 13.54
TOTAL 2017 262.81 11.32
TOTAL 2016 177.41 13.33
TOTAL 2015 148.73 7.77
TOTAL 2014 143.50 10.63
TOTAL 2013 84.18 16.90

Air emission fees

Since joining the European Union’s Emissions Trading System (EU-ETS) on 1 January 2013, HEP  has the obligation to purchase emission allowances (EUA) in quantities corresponding to verified annual CO2 greenhouse gas emissions from combustion plants with a rated thermal input exceeding 20 MWt. Non-EU-ETS combustion plants that meet the prescribed criteria pay a compensation to the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund, based on the Decision on the amount of the unit charge on greenhouse gas emissions for operators of installations excluded from the emissions trading system, which is adopted annually and published in the Official Gazette.

Waste production fees

HEP pays a fee to the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund for non-hazardous waste it disposes of at the Plomin landfill. HEP also pays to the Fund fees for the import of products that generate special categories of waste, e.g. accumulators and batteries.

Water fees

The fees paid by HEP to the company Hrvatske Vode (Croatian Waters) are as follows: water contribution, water regulation fee, water use fee and water protection fee.

Other fees

HEP pays a special fee for its motor vehicles on registration, i.e. when verifying the technical correctness of the vehicle. The amount of the fee paid to the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund is determined in accordance with vehicle type, engine and fuel type, engine operating volume or power and age of the vehicle. The implementation of the E-Mobility  project and the procurement of electrical vehicles and replacement of part of HEP's vehicles using fossil fuel derivatives as fuel, will reduce pollutant emissions into the air and, consequently, this fee.