Electromobile in Zagreb – HEP s step into future

On September 23, the electromobile Tesla Roadster stopped in Zagreb, in front of the Museum of Modern Art, on its promotional tour which began on September 16 in Essen, Germany, and which is to end on September 28 in Istanbul.

As pointed out by Velimir Rajković, a member of HEP Management Board in charge of sustainable development and quality, HEP has been preparing for launching a project to build a network of charging stations and other technical support for electric cars so as to enable its commercial use. Such cars, he added, do not release hazardous gases into the environment, run with minimal noise and represent an excellent alternative to fossil fuel cars in cities. President of HEP Management Board, Leo Begović, pointed out that today's date was a big day for HEP „the day we got on our way to the future“ for which, he said, HEP wanted to prepare. Mr Begović also said that a memorandum of understanding had been signed with the German energy company RWE according to which parameters for the joint project concerning the development of the electromobile would be set over the next three months. The president of the German-Croatian Industrial and Trade Chamber Ralf Blomberg expressed the opinion that electromobility, the promotion of which was the purpose of the Tesla Road Show, was an interesting field for a further cooperation between Germany and Croatia. In Germany, he said, there are already more than a thousand charging stations for the filling of electromobiles with electric power. Among the first to try riding in this car was Nataša Vujec, state secretary for energy. In front of the Museum HEP has put up a charging station, which will be available in Labin tomorrow, September 24, and in Vukovar on September 25. Today's beginning of the journey through Croatia has been symbolically marked by the German Ambassador to Croatia Dr Bernd Fisher and president of HEP Management Board Leo Begović by putting the HR sticker on the electromobile.