Day of Hrvatska Elektroprivreda

On Sunday, August 28, Hrvatska Elektroprivreda turned 116 years old. On that day in 1895 the first alternating current electricity system was put in place on Croatia’s soil.

On the falls of the Krka River at that time the first public hydropower plant began to operate based on alternating current system. The electricity produced by the Krka plant (later Jaruga) was transferred to the city of Šibenik through an 11 kilometer two-phase transmission line and distributed through a distribution network across the city for public lighting needs. This undertaking is therefore considered to be the first electricity system on Croatia’s soil and a “seed” of what later became Hrvatska Elektroprivreda. This Croatian and Šibenik’s system went into operation only two days after the first and famous hydropower plant at Niagara Falls. So, thanks to its visionaries, Croatia was an equal to the developed countries which at that time started to develop their electricity systems.