1. What is the quality of gas?

The quality of each product and service is one of important demands of each customer. Therefore, gas supplier is obliged to ensure to the end customer standard quality of natural gas. This obligation in its general form is prescribed to the supplier by Article 58, paragraph 5 of the Gas Market Act (OG 28/13 and 14/14), whereas Article 37 of General Conditions of Gas Supply (OG 158/13), paragraph 3 regulates which requirements good-quality natural gas should fulfill.

Quality standards have been prescribed in a certain range (from minimum to maximum). Therefore, exact quality of gas is determined for each ‘specific point’ of exit from transport system, which is also the point of entrance into the distribution system, since that point is the only proper one for calculating gas consumption, especially in the part referring to heat rate. Transporter samples and analyses the quality of gas twice a month and publishes it on its websites.


2. Does the color of flame on the load say something about the quality of gas?

It should be specially stated that the color of flame on the load is not important for the standard quality of gas. If there is enough air in the combustion mixture, the flame will be blue. If there is not enough air, the colors of flame will range from orange to red, depending on the amount of air and the type of hydrocarbons it combusts.


3. What is self-reading?

How to read a gas meter? The meter has five figures from left to right. Behind the last figure, there is one or three more figures, which measure consumption in liters, but which are not taken into consideration upon calculation. The figures which are not read are separated from the first five through a decimal comma and are usually of different color.