HEP TSO takes an active role in the European power system security chain

In the System Operation Department within the National Dispatch Centre, the CTDS system (Common Tool for Data Exchange and Security Assessments)used for forecasting transmission network congestions was put into operation.

On Wednesday, 16th February 2012 HEP TSO's National Dispatch Centre took an active role in using the European IT system for data exchange and power system operation security assessment. This system, which is a core of the TSC initiative (TSO Securiry Cooperation) with HEP TSO as a full member, intends to provide computer basis for appropriate dispatcher's decisions. It was established with the purpose of maintaining operation security margins caused by increased cross-border electricity exchanges in light of RES integration as well as increased volumes of cross-border electricity trade. The system is daily connecting forecasting models of individual system operators in the pan-European model with network elements load forecast while conducting the security analysis. The process ends with an evening teleconference call of dispatchers (12 European system operators) exchanging data on planned RES generation, deliberating on possible system problems and agreeing common countermeasures. The system will enable operating staff in operating centres an insight into not only current operating conditions of all involved power systems but also forecasts several hours ahead. This will enable timely conduct of required activities for the purpose of avoiding possible network congestion and prevent failure of electricity supply to customers. Operators will coordinate their activities and provide mutual assisstance in conducting above described activities. More on