HEP Opskrba offers to its customers reliability of electricity supply and numerous conveniences, among which we single out one bill for all metering points. Our advantages also include individual approach to each customer, highly educated and competent staff as well as long years of experience in solving business problems. We emphasize that at present we supply electricity to the largest customers in Croatia.
HEP ODS carries out electricity distribution activities: metering, consumption billing, metering point maintenance as well as other field activities.

HEP Elektra supplies household category end customers within the universal public supply service in line with regulated terms and conditions.

HEP Opskrba (HEP Supply) is not obliged by the public service and supplies end customers in line with contract terms and conditions.
The Croatian electricity market is fully harmonized with and operates according to European legislation. The electricity supply licence is issued by the Croatian Energy Regulatory Agency (HERA).
No, it cannot. The precondition for entering into the supply contract with HEP Opskrba is to terminate the existing supply contract with the current supplier. If a customer is supplied electricity within the guaranteed service, it is not necessary to terminate the existing supply contract concluded with the distribution system operator or the transmission system operator.
A contract for customer’s supply is concluded for a limited period, at least for the duration of one billing period, i.e. one month.
A use of network contract is a contract which regulates the service provided to a network user by the transmission system operator or the distribution system operator to allow the flow of electricity in the transmission or the distribution network through the use of system services. Contract terms and conditions are prescribed in the General Conditions of Electricity Supply and other secondary legislation.
Grid tariff is a charge for network use and is payable by all electricity customers. Every customer (tariff and eligible customers alike) enters into a contract for network use with the transmission or distribution system operator, depending on the connection point. Grid tariff is calculated on the basis of actual quantities of electric energy and power, depending on the tariff model and in accordance with Tariff System for Electricity Transmission and Tariff System for Electricity Distribution.
The transmission system operator and the distribution system operator are competent and responsible for answering these and other questions and objections related to network use.
After concluding a supply contract with HEP Opskrba, the customer receives one electricity bill for all metering points stated in the supply contract. For network use, the customer receives one or more bills from the transmission or the distribution system operator.

As of January 1, 2017 all low voltage connected customers will be issued a single electricity and grid charge bill.
Two bills are issued in accordance with General Conditions of Electricity Supply. One bill is issued by HEP Opskrba for the electricity consumed and the other is issued by HEP OPS or HEP ODS for network use.
As a rule our contract provides for one bill for all metering points, and together with the bill we issue a billing statement for each metering point so that consumption and cost can be monitored for each meter. Upon request, we can issue more than one bill, for groups of metering points.
The supply fee is a billing element charged per customer, not a metering point.
Small customers – craftsmen not bound by VAT can be exempt from supply fee payments if they submit proof for owning a working craft exempt from VAT charges.

The following documentation is required:
To bring the price paid by a customer for electricity closer to a real cost, depending on the time period during which a customer consumes energy, we have introduced the charge and discount system. Charges and discounts are calculated depending on the manner of your electricity consumption.
By changing its consumption method and settling bills in a timely manner, a customer may influence the amount of discount in the following contractual period thus reducing its electricity costs.
The customer can influence the discount/charge amount.
Bills and period-end billing statements are sent via postal and electronic mail. They are sent to your e-mail address in PDF and/or Excel format on the same date they are issued and to your postal address shortly thereafter.
Receiving bills and period-end statements enables you to start processing them immediately. You will also be able to forward them to other email addresses if you need to do so. Your bills will still arrive to you in a written form.
Legal default interest rates accrue for each payment made after the contractual payment date indicated on the bill. The accrued interest is shown in the first next bill following payment and is payable before the principal amount in accordance with the Code of Obligations.
  • Legally prescribed (Regulation on Incentive Fees for Promoting Electricity Production from Renewable Energy Sources and Cogeneration, Official Gazette 87/2017) as an obligation of each electricity buyer for the purpose of collecting funds for stimulating the construction of renewable electricity sources.
  • A separate amount on the electricity bill. Now, it is 0.105 HRK/kWh + VAT.
  • The supplier assumes the obligation of submitting the funds collected from the fee for promoting RES to the Croatian Energy Market Operator (HROTE), which uses them for paying the feed-in tariff to eligible producers for supplied electricity pursuant to provisions of the tariff system for the production of electricity from RES and cogeneration.

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