• Intended for large customers (shipyards, glass industry, steelworks, aluminum industry, hospitals, plants, office buildings, large stores)
  • Includes metering of electricity in two tariffs: higher and lower higher and lower
  • Metering points can be at high, medium or low voltage, with meters able to store load curve data. 

Tariff items for billing:

  • RVT – active energy at higher daily tariff (EUR/kWh),
  • RNT – active energy at lower daily tariff (EUR/kWh)
  • OIE – renewables charge, set out in a Regulation
  • OPN – supply charge

Why choose Tariff Model HEP PRO?
  • It is possible to reduce the bill by using larger electricity-consuming devices at time of lower tariff (energy efficient) – power in lower tariff is not a basis for billing

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