E-bill HEP Opskrba

E-bill HEP Opskrba

Pursuant to Law, a bill is the one issued and received in electronic form, under condition that the receiver has agreed in written form to accept such a bill.
Advantages of issuing and receiving e-bills:
  • Bills can be automatically booked
  • For each e-bill, the exact time of downloading is known as well as the start of maturity date
  • Ensured control of bill delivery, bill status monitoring (sent, delivered, non-delivered) and simple search
  • Faster, safer, simpler and cheaper sending, receiving and keeping the bills and their forwarding for payment  
  • E-bill receiver can download the same bill numerous times
  • e-bill cannot get lost  
  • Faster payment and collection
  • It is possible to attach various documents, digital or scanned, like letters, attachments, forms, contracts etc. with e-bill

If you want to receive an e-bill, please fill out the Agreement form in Moj račun application. Send the signed and certified Agreement on HEP Opskrba's address and receive your electricity e-bill. 
With e-bill we take care of Croatian forests and its environment and contribute to the reduction of paper consumption. 

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