Environmental impact

Environmental impact

The efficient use of heat is ensured by HEP-TOPLINARSTVO d.o.o. through:
  • the installation of pre-insulated pipes for heat distribution from heating plants to end customers' residential and business premises - the useful life of steam pipeline is extended, energy transfer losses reduced and guarantees improved supply security to all end customers
  • the installation of new generations of automatic control in heating substations of customers' buildings, which improves the accuracy of heat consumption control in individual buildings and reduces unnecessary energy consumption
  • the installation of individual heat meters in residential/business premises – heat consumption control and heating costs managed by end customers, heat consumption rationalization, indirect contribution to environmental protection due to reduced emissions of harmful gases and particulates into the atmosphere.
HEP-TOPLINARSTVO d.o.o. contributes to environmental protection and preservation by:
  • using service water for transferring heat through pipelines, which is completely harmless and has no adverse environmental impact in case of an accident. Service water is prepared by deaeration and decalcification in technological processes which do not use chemicals that may harm the environment.
  • using agents, which are completely harmless for human health and the environment, in the cleaning treatment of end buyers hot water fixtures/installations in order to remove calcium carbonate (scale).