Mission, vision and strategic goals

Mission, vision and strategic goals


Sustainable, reliable and high quality generation, distribution and supply of heat energy to end customers.



HEP-Toplinarstvo as the biggest energy entity on the Croatian heat energy market streams to maintain the position of the leader in the distribution and supply of heat energy to end customers, while keeping energy losses as low as possible. HEP-Toplinarstvo also aimes to be recognized as a modern, environmentally friendly and socially responsible company.


Strategic goals

  • Maintaining the leading position of a distributor and supplier of heat energy to end customers.
  • Optimization of heating systems through consolidation of small heating systems into district heating systems, optimization of heat energy generation through lowering the parameters of hot water pipelines and steam line network and connecting  network parts with an aim of decreasing transmission losses by taking into consideration technological, economic, environmental and spatial planning feasibility factors. 
  • The introduction of management and control system of network parameters with closed heating systems and the introduction of remote control of boiler rooms, which cannot be connected to the district heating system.
  • Improvement, optimization and increased effectiveness of business procedures through the management of knowledge, computerization and development of knowledge bases.