Consumption Measuring

Consumption Measuring

Measuring of supplied heat energy

The overall heat volume supplied by HEP-Toplinarstvo to end customers in one billing period (one month) is measured on a billing metering point.

The billing metering point is a demarcation point where a heat meter is located. The heat meter can be:

  • a common heat meter – a device which registers the volume of supplied heat on the billing metering point at the entrance to the building/facility, and it is located in the heating substation of said building/facility.
  • an individual heat meter – a meter measuring the volume of supplied heat to the end customer's separate useful unit in the building/facility (family house, office building).

Heat cost allocators and meters (calorimeters, individual heating substations) installed for each residential/business building and connected to the common heat meter are not billing metering points.

Impulse data obtained from heat cost allocators as well as heat volumes read from calorimeters are used to allocate heat costs to individual residential/business unit.