About us

About us

HEP-Toplinarstvo performs the activities of production, distribution and supply of heat to households, industry and commercial customers in the areas of the cities of Zagreb, Osijek, Sisak, Velika Gorica, Samobor and Zaprešić.

As of October 2013, HEP-Toplinarstvo has been registered as a heatbuyer.

HEP-Toplinarstvo is the largest heat distributor in the Republic of Croatia, accounting for more than 80 percent of the entire district heating sector.

HEP-Toplinarstvo provides you with the following:

  • ensures a continuous and safe heat supply from heating stations and boiler rooms to your residential and business buildings
  • provides a full service of heating system management, preventive and corrective maintenance of interior heating installations up to the entrance into residential/business buildings, regular control correct operation of heating facility, overhauls, breakdown repairs, the replacement of capital equipment following an accident
  • guarantees quality management and maintenance of heating facilities on the basis of the long-term experience and knowledge of its workers
  • provides a high quality of service
  • ensures technical adequacy and staffing
  • offers capacities for investing into new technologies and system development
  • ensures 0-24 call service for reporting technical malfunctions.