Savings Tips

Savings Tips

  • Do not overheat your residential/business premises. The optimal temperature in heated rooms is 20°C. Every further degree above requires six percent of additional energy.
  • Install heat output regulation devices – a thermostatic radiator set (a thermostatic radiator valve and a thermostatic head) i.e. devices which may adjust (regulate) heat consumption. Adhere to instructions for setting a desired temperature published by the company which had installed said valves on your residential/business premises.
  • Make sure the windows on your residential/business buildings close tightly. If they do not, they should be mended. Otherwise, a lot of energy will be lost.
  • Ventilate the rooms regularly but no longer than ten minutes. In this way the heat accumulated in the walls and furniture will be preserved and your apartments/business offices will soon be as warm as before the ventilation. Never regulate the room temperature by opening the windows.
  • Do not obstruct radiators by furniture or curtains. Drying laundry on the radiator effectively stops heating. A covered and obstructed radiator is isolated and has no real effect. 
  • As a building, think about the renovation of your buildings envelope as well as of other energy improvements in your building.