Benefit Programme

Benefit Programme

In addition to electricity supply, HEP-Opskrba and HEP ESCO offer two packages of the Benefit Programme energy services without the fee to HEP Opskrba business customers who have not opted for public service.

Customers may choose between Package 1 or Package 2, depending on their categorization segment and the duration of the contract signed with HEP-Opskrba.

PACKAGE 1 | Systematic energy management and preparation for the ESCO project

Package 1 includes:

1. Systematic energy management – establishment of the remote reading system and the use of the ESCO Monitor® system:
  • development of project design and detailed specification
  • procurement and installation of measuring equipment
  • annual right to the use of the ESCO Monitor® system
  • user education on the operation of the ESCO Monitor® system.

2. Preparation for the ESCO project – advising on the potential of energy efficiency and RES project implementation under the ESCO model, on-site inspection and meeting with customers.

PACKAGE 2 | Education services

Package 2 includes the selection of one of the following two workshops:

Package 2.1. 'Green Operations' Workshop
'Green Operations' is a motivation workshop which raises staff awareness of the importance of the rational energy use during regular activities. This 60 minute workshop programme is tailored to specific requirements and characteristics of an organization. More on this workshop can be found here.


Package 2.2. Energy Manager Course

The course is designed for persons responsible for energy and facility management in private and public sectors. The goal of this 2 day course is to raise set standards in this area. More on this course can be found here.

Detailed information on the Benefit Programme packages and the Terms and Conditions of Use is available on the following e-mail: