HEP-ESCO began in cooperation with another 5 European companies, in September 2009, the implementation of PERMANENT project whose main objective is to contribute to the popularization and acceptance of M&V (measurement and verification of savings) and to encourage a general understanding of energy savings.

It is a project from  IEE (Intelligent Energy Europe) program created under the wing of EACI organization. The full name of the project is: PErformance Risk MANagement for ENergy efficiency projects through Training: enhancing the credibility of the energy services industry in Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia. HEP ESCO was offered to participate in the project considering its successful execution of energy efficiency projects and years of experience with savings measurement and verification.

The total value of the project is EUR 1,352,831.00 of which EACI finances up to 75% of the value.

Project period is 28 months or from September 1, 2009 to December 31, 2011.

The main objectives of the project are:
  • to develop and test the approach which would show the importance of measurement and verification of energy savings to end users. (using as the basis the concepts used in IPMVP protocol and experiences from Western Europe and USA)
  • to educate end users, investors and energy distributors and to introduce them to Performance Risk Measurement and Management techniques
  • to train trainers who will be able to continue the education program after this project is completed.
Expected project results:
  • 2000 people will be directly informed about the project and learn about all possibilities the project offers
  • 100 leading European and international institutions in this field will be informed and learn about the project through brochures which will be sent to them 7 times during the project period (a total of 700 brochures)
  • 2000-3000 national institutions will receive brochures which will be sent to them 7 time during the project period
  • At least 5 conferences i.e. meetings will be held in each of the partner countries or a total of 25 conferences with the attendance of 70-100 people per conference
  • 20-30 qualified trainers will be able to start work
  • IPMVP protocol will be customized and translated into 6 languages and printed in  1200 copies which will be available to all
  • 1 International conference will be organized with an attendance of at least 100 specialists from all over the world.
HEP-ESCO will within the framework of PERMANENT project significantly contribute to the popularization and acceptance of M&V (measurement and verification of savings) and encourage a general understanding of energy savings themselves and of energy efficiency projects in Croatia. One of the more important results of PERMANENT project will be the first official issue of IPMVP protocol in the Croatian language,  the creation of which will be the responsibility of HEP ESCO.