The main objective of the TRAP-EE project is to train the caretakers and other personnel responsible for property maintenance towards operational energy efficiency of the buildings.

The project has set 4 key objectives:
  • Transfer the already developed training materials and programmes from 1 consortium partner (energie bewusst Kärnten) to other consortium partners (IRI UL, GOLEA, STŠ and HEP ESCO).
  • Develop training programmes that will be based on the innovative model of work experience.
  • Pilot and evaluate the developed training programmes in Slovenia and Croatia addressing the three different segments within the public buildings sector.
  • integrate the developed training programmes into institution-based VET and lifelong learning in the fields of buildings operational energy-efficiency in Slovenia and Croatia.
Project's full name is: TRAining Personnel towards operational Energy Efficiency of the buildings

The project is financed within the “Lifelong Learning programme”, Subprogramme “Leonardo da Vinci”, Action “Transfer of Innovation”.

Project's total value is 150,579.52 EUR, 75 % of which is co-financed by EU funds.

Project's duration period is 18 months i.e. from November 1st, 2013, until  June 30th 2015.      

Project's partners include: Inovacijski razvojni inštitut Univerze v Ljubljani (Slovenia), HEP ESCO d.o.o. (Croatia), energie:bewusst Karnten (Austria), Goriška lokalna energetska agencija, Nova gorica (Slovenia), Srednja tehniška škola Koper (Slovenia)