The client or end user of HEP ESCO services is the direct beneficiary of all benefits deriving from the execution of an ESCO project.

The benefits of a HEP ESCO project are:

  • Knowledge and new equipment immediately with existing costs
The client gains international knowledge of ESCO business operations and new efficient equipment immediately.
  • Investment repayment from savings​
The client pays back the investment for energy efficiency from savings over a period of 5 or 8 years.
  • HEP ESCO assumes the risk​
Project technical and financial risk, organization and management in all phases are assumed by HEP ESCO. Depending on project type, HEP ESCO assumes the risk of savings being achieved over the investment payback period and guarantees for their achievement.
  • Client has an extensive insight into the project​
The cooperation with the client in all project phases unfolds through a joint expert team.
  • Client contributes to pollution reduction​
Energy efficiency projects directly contribute to reduction in environmental pollution.
  • ESCO’s fast withdrawal from the project​
After the investment is repaid, HEP ESCO withdraws from the project and leaves all project benefits to the client, including reduced energy and maintenance costs.