Public presentation of the 3Smart project was held

Public presentation of the 3Smart project was held

On 3rd July 2019, at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb, a public presentation of the 3Smart project (Smart Building - Smart Grid - Smart Cities) was held.

The 3Smart project is funded by the EU through the Interreg Danube Transnational Program. The implementation of the project started on 1 January 2017 and will last until 31 December 2019. The project includes 18 partners from Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The consortium leader is the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing at the University of Zagreb (UNIZGFER) and participants from HEP Group are HEP d.d., HEP-ODS Ltd. and HEP-ESCO Ltd.
The 3Smart project is based on the concept of modular software for energy management in buildings and flexibility towards the grid. An additional objective of the project is to provide a technological and regulatory framework for comprehensive energy management in buildings, energy networks and major city infrastructure, including the development of a modular platform for coordinated construction and energy management in the distribution network. The developed platform will be installed on 5 pilot locations in 5 countries (Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary and Bosnia and Herzegovina).
In Croatia, the pilots are the skyscraper of the UNIZGFER (Unska 3, Zagreb) and the old administrative building of HEP (Ulica grada Vukovara 37, Zagreb). In charge for development of micro grid management as well as its connection to the distribution grid is HEP-ODS Ltd and UNIZGFER.

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