FEEDSCHOOLS - first Croatian Local working table held in Split

FEEDSCHOOLS - first Croatian Local working table held in Split

The Croatian FEEDSCHOOLS Local working table in City of Split took place at premises of City of Split, Croatia, on 6th of June 2019.

The aim of the local working table "Workshop for students on energy efficiency" was to create the most appropriate workshops tailored to elementary school students. The elementary schools are pilot spots of public sector for energy audit and energy certificate as well as planning of EE measures through Web tools. In addition, education is one of the most important “soft” measures.

External experts from Sensum Ltd. and project partner HEP ESCO Ltd. presented ideas for a workshop with children. The content of the presentation is tailored to students from first to 4th grade of elementary school. The presented ideas were: a cartoon film for students made by UNDP on EE, an interactive web site on EE topics developed within the EU project, the use of a thermovision camera in the most interesting way, the use of a laser meter. In addition, exhibitors have proposed a drawing in drawings on EE topics.

Participants were representatives of partner Institutions City of Split and HEP ESCO Ltd., external experts of the City of Split Sensum Ltd. and representatives of elementary schools and stakeholders.

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