Package 3

Package 3

Education services
Services from Package 3 include the implementation of one of three offered educational modules (Package 3.1, Package 3.2, or Package 3.3.) focused on raising the expertise of technical staff for the implementation of systematic energy management as well as energy efficiency measures or raising employee's awareness of energy consumption and its effect on the environment.
Package 3.1. 'Green Business' Workshop
  • The motivation workshop raising employees' awareness of the importance of the rational use of energy during the conduct of regular activities
  • The goal of educational activities is to become aware that small changes in behavior of an individual can result in major changes at the organization level
  • The Green Business Workshop can be offered as part of compulsory education in the implementation of ISO50001
  • The programme is tailored to the specific requirements and organizational characteristics
Package 3.2. Energy Management Workshop by applying the ISO 50001 standard
  • Participants become familiar with energy performance, goals and plans for achieving savings and get prepared for the introduction of certification according to HRN EN ISO 50001: 2012.
  • The aim of the course is to convey information and knowledge to participants required for fulfilling their role in the application of HRN EN ISO 50001 in their organization, specifically those related to energy performance
Package 3.3. Energy Managers Training and Technical Staff Training in Energy Efficiency in Buildings
Energy Managers Training
  • The course is intended for those responsible for energy as well as for the management of facilities in the private and public sectors
  • The goal of the course is to raise the set standards in this area
  • It is a 2-day course
Technical staff training for the implementation of energy efficiency in buildings
  • The course provides specific knowledge in the field of energy management to the target group of technical staff in charge of building maintenance
  • The course aims at encouraging development, skills and qualification of technical staff
  • It is a 2-day course
NOTE for Package 3:
  • The customer can choose only one of three offered educational packages
The customer is entitled to benefits from Package 3 after having complied with the conditions regarding the volume of annual electricity consumption, set in the Segmentation Table, and after cumulatively fulfilling the following conditions:
  •  the customer has no outstanding balances towards HEP-Opskrba and HEP-ESCO,
  • the customer has concluded the Electricity Supply Contract with HEP-Opskrba,
  • the customer duly performs other contractual obligations towards HEP-Opskrba and HEP-ESCO,
  • the customer facilitates the HEP ESCO employees the provision of educational services by ensuring the cooperation of its workers and service providers as well as the access to dana, staff or customer premises, depending on the type of the service.

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