FEEDSCHOOLS - International Project Meeting - Zagreb

FEEDSCHOOLS - International Project Meeting - Zagreb

On December 13, 2017, an international working meeting of partners on the EU project FEEDSCHOOLS was held.
The meeting starts with the welcome speech of HEP ESCO held by Sandra Magajne. 

According the mtg. Agenda, the following topic were discussed:
  • Project implementation plans (ENEA, GEA, HEP ESCO, City of Split)
  • GEA – short presentation of Energy@schools project
  • Schools selection (City of Split)
  • Planning and coordination of T1 and T2, specifically financial module in the tool
  • Financial reporting issue
  • ENEA has sent a Draft Needs Analyses Questionnaire to be sent to the stakeholders (5 per partner). ENEA wants to gather suggestions on how to make WP T1 - Tools. The deadline for comments was December 20th, 2017. Partners are to adhere to the deadline.
  • Related to WP T2 – Financing models, HEP ESCO will send the first draft (mid-January 2018). HEP ESCO will send a detailed questionnaire to GEA and both partners will collaborate on drafting the final questionnaire.
  • Related to WP T3 – Pilot, The City of Split of Split has selected the pilot schools (8). Technical protocol will be delivered by ENEA. 
  • Related to WP C - Communication, City of Warsaw has not signed the P.A., due to administrative barriers. The problem is whether the Poles will remain partners on the project or not. The problem will be monitored closely by the LP and other partners will be informed of the potential decisions/amendments to the project partnership.