Reactive energy compensation-Labin

Reactive energy compensation-Labin

Reactive energy compensation measure is carried out by installing a compensation device in plants requiring large amounts of reactive energy for operation, being supplied by the distribution network. Since reactive energy unnecessarily burdens the network, its use is additionally charged if its value exceeds 1/3 of the active energy being used.

The installing of a reactive energy compensation device prevents the transport of the reactive energy through the network and/or reactive energy is generated in the immediate vicinity. This measure reduces the load on the distribution system and the user can reduce the consumption of reactive energy and achieve direct financial savings.

The pilot project to establish a reactive energy compensation system involved two companies in the area of Labinština – De Persico d.o.o. from Rabac and Sedia d.o.o. from Labin.

The projects include the installation of compensation devices with compensation batteries of the total compensation capacity of 47.5 kVArh, whereby HEP ESCO made it possible to achieve total annual savings of 14,000.00 kuna.

The Project results have shown a remarkable cost effectiveness of the measure that has been implemented, with a very quick payback of the investment of less than three years. 

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