Photovoltaic (Solar) Power Plants (under implementation)

In the first quarter of 2014, HEP d.d. has invested and HEP ESCO d.o.o. has developed and implemented a socially responsible and sustainable development Project involving the construction of photovoltaic power plants, each with a capacity up to 30 kW, which were installed on the roofs of office buildings owned by HEP d.d.

Nine PV Power Plants Installed on Own Buildings

In accordance with the National Renewable Energy Action Plan that does not provide for the construction of large power plants utilizing solar energy, but incentivizes the construction of small integrated photovoltaic power plants, based on its own research HEP has designed and put into operation nine photovoltaic power plants. These nine locations include business premises of HEP's headquarters in Zagreb and buildings of distribution areas managed by HEP Distribution System Operator in the cities of Čakovec, Šibenik (Bilice SS), Split, Opatija, Zadar and Dubrovnik and two sites in the city of Osijek.

Energy Efficiency in Buildings

Photovoltaic power plants have the status of privileged electricity producers, which insures the sale of all electricity generated to HROTE at a legally determined tariff.
Through this project – focused on the generation of electricity at the site of its use, i.e. in buildings, Hrvatska Elektroprivreda contributes to reducing the environmental impact, which is in line with the EU directives and Croatian regulations in the area of energy efficiency in buildings.

General information:

Number of sites: 9
Total installed capacity: 207 kW
Total generation potential: ca 247.000 kWh / year
Expected income from sale: 567.000 kn / year
Investment return:   6 years