EL-TO Zagreb CCPP (development project)

The EL-TO Zagreb CCPP project, with electrical output of 90-150 MWe and heat output up to 130 MWt, is a highly efficient gas-fired combined-cycle cogeneration plant project. The planned increase in the installed electrical capacity at the site will enable EL-TO Zagreb to be a pillar of secure electricity supply of the western and northern part of the city. This is particularly important in times of serious disturbances in the electric power system since the interruptions of electricity and heat supply in the City of Zagreb will be kept to a minimum.  
During project development HEP took into account the fact that uninterrupted production of heat and process steam at the EL-TO Zagreb site must be secured for the needs of consumers in the western part of the City of Zagreb up to and beyond 1 January 2018, when Croatia shall start to oblige the provisions of the EU Directive on industrial emissions come into force. In accordance with the energy efficiency guidelines, which are an integral part of the strategic energy documents of the EU and Croatia, HEP decided to reconstruct and upgrade the plant and replace a part of EL-TO Zagreb facility with a new combined-cycle cogeneration unit firing natural gas for cogeneration of heat and electricity.  As for its technical and technological characteristics, the new unit belongs to highly efficient cogeneration plants with significant primary energy savings in the cogeneration process.


Project status

The project is ready for implementation. Invitation to tender for the construction and equipment supply and installation for a long-term maintenance contract, was published and is underway. The location permit was issued in July 2014. In the meantime, the preparation of project documents continued regarding the development of infrastructure on the site at which generation will not be interrupted during construction. Financial closing of the project, which relies on EBRD, EIB and bank syndicated loans, is under preparation.

Investor: HEP
Location: City of Zagreb, EL-TO Zagreb CHP plant
Name: EL-TO Zagreb CCPP
Type of product: electricity/heat/process steam
Type of plant:    new CCPP (CCCGT) unit  
Type of fuel: natural gas
Capacity/efficiency: 90-150MWe/up to 120MWt / 89.5%
Annual generation/regime:      733 GWh electricity and 636 GWh heat / base load plant
Value of investment: EUR 150 million
Funding: Own funds / loan 
Project status: Location permit obtained; tender for the construction, equipment supply and a long-term maintenance contract published and is now underway
Construction period:   2018 to 2021